Why Do I Need Home Watch?

A typical question I receive often is why people would need a home watch company. Don't they have a friend or a neighbor that could look after their home?

Of course they do! But what does the friend or neighbor actually do?

Are they checking your electric panel to see if any breakers are tripped? What about run your faucets, dishwasher, showers and garbage disposal to make sure your gaskets do not dry out? And are they checking your A/C unit to make sure it is running properly?

Most of the time, the answers to these questions is "No."

So what sets us apart from all of the other home watch "companies" out there? Simple. I am a nationally trained and certified home inspector.

I am a member of the world's foremost expert on home inspection, InterNACHI. I am trained to look for mold, mildew, broken seals, tripped breakers and how to properly test your A/C unit. Every year I go through over 30 hours of training to stay updated on systems and components and what to look for. Bottom line...I am trained to identify problems BEFORE they happen!

This is my company. This is my reputation. I am the one each and every time that is coming into your home to look after things. I am only accepting 10 clients. Why? Because I know that in order for me to do an exceptional job, I need to be 110% focused on looking after your investment and if I have 40 or 50 homes to look after, like some companies do, not only am I not the one checking on your investment, but how much care and attention to detail are those companies truly giving their clients?

I want to earn your business. Please check out more about what I do when looking after your property on the Home Watch tab of my website. Contact me for more details and for pricing.